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Shonai Airport -

Across the Mogamigawa River "A boat trip that takes you to where you belong"

The Mogami River flows through Yamagata Prefecture and into the Sea of Japan. For villages surrounded by meandering rivers, ferries that went along this route provided the only connection to the outside world. In the Edo period there used to be ferries in around 70 locations. Today there are bridges so the boats have disappeared, but in a deep valley on the Mogami River one ferry still remains.

"Doors to explore 'NIPPON'", a special program that showcases scenes hand-picked from NHK's "SHIN NIHON FUDOKI", a show that conveys the beautiful scenery and profound culture of Japan, is screened on five TV monitors installed in the departure area of Haneda Airport.
Do enjoy the video before you leave Haneda Airport.