48 Airport Spot

- Must-Visit Attractions Accessible from
Izumo Airport -

Matsue Castle "Scary stories of its construction"

Matsue Castle has remained unchanged since the Edo Period and still sits on the peak of the short Mt. Kamedayama. The castle tower has a magnificent black color and stands around 30 meters tall. It has noble grace and dignity and looks like a bird spreading its wings. If you climb to the top floor you can see a panoramic view of Matsue city. You can also see Lake Shinji below.

"Doors to explore 'NIPPON'", a special program that showcases scenes hand-picked from NHK's "SHIN NIHON FUDOKI", a show that conveys the beautiful scenery and profound culture of Japan, is screened on five TV monitors installed in the departure area of Haneda Airport.
Do enjoy the video before you leave Haneda Airport.