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Iwakuni Airport -

Town with the Kintai Bridge "Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture"

Iwakuni is a city located in the east of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Prospering as a castle town since the Edo Period, this old town has maintained its charm to this day. Iwakuni Castle was built in 1608 by Kikkawa Hiroie, the first ruler of the Iwakuni-han. The present construction dates back to 1962. The Kintai Bridge built over the Nishiki River is a traditional wooden Japanese bridge.

"Doors to explore 'NIPPON'", a special program that showcases scenes hand-picked from NHK's "SHIN NIHON FUDOKI", a show that conveys the beautiful scenery and profound culture of Japan, is screened on five TV monitors installed in the departure area of Haneda Airport.
Do enjoy the video before you leave Haneda Airport.