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- Must-Visit Attractions Accessible from Naha Airport -

Itoman Hari "A heart-stopping Sabini dragon boat race"

Itoman Hari is a festival of the sea held on the 4th day of the 5th month of the old calendar at the fishing port of Itoman in Okinawa. The event attracts 30,000 visitors from both inside and outside of Japan. The race is performed in wooden rowboats called Sabini to express gratitude towards the blessings of the sea and offer prayers for safe and bountiful fishing trips.
Itoman Hari - Will be held on June 24th in 2020

"Doors to explore 'NIPPON'", a special program that showcases scenes hand-picked from NHK's "SHIN NIHON FUDOKI", a show that conveys the beautiful scenery and profound culture of Japan, is screened on five TV monitors installed in the departure area of Haneda Airport.
Do enjoy the video before you leave Haneda Airport.