48 Airport Spot

- Must-Visit Attractions Accessible from
Obihiro Airport -

Tokachi River "River fog born out of severe cold weather"

The Tokachi River makes its way across the Tokachi Plains in southeast Hokkaido into the Pacific Ocean. It is a large river which is 156 kilometers long and has over 200 tributaries. In wintertime, it is smothered with river mist, known as "Kearashi", which occurs when the whole Tokachi River area becomes very cold. This is a truly mystical phenomenon that can only be seen on days with low temperatures and little to no wind.

"Doors to explore 'NIPPON'", a special program that showcases scenes hand-picked from NHK's "SHIN NIHON FUDOKI", a show that conveys the beautiful scenery and profound culture of Japan, is screened on five TV monitors installed in the departure area of Haneda Airport.
Do enjoy the video before you leave Haneda Airport.